Human Meat Tray Demo

PALS activists recently joined forces for a crowd stopping human meat tray demo on Mill Avenue in Tempe.

This graphic demo is meant to draw attention to the fate of farmed animals by simulating the body parts people purchase at the store. Our goal is to bridge a connection between the flesh on the tray and the animal who suffered and was killed.

Activists held signs and handed out leaflets that asked “What if it were you?” to engage thought provoking ideas and conversation.

A group of activists went across the street to a local diner with an outdoor patio to demonstrate with posters and a television showing slaughterhouse footage. This move made people very uncomfortable, causing several to leave.  The diner we demonstrated in front of, Steak n Shake, also didn’t get many customers while we were there.

We plan to do this demonstration again at the next First Friday’s Art Walk June 2, 2017 at 6 pm. We are teaming up with the Earthlings Experience Arizona to have more of an impact. We hope you can join!

Check out this interactive 360 shot of the demo!

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Upcoming Events

Vegan Potluck in the Park

May 20th 10am – 12pm

PALS will be hosting our third potluck this year at Roadrunner Park. In order to avoid the hot weather, this potluck will be “breakfast-themed.”

3502 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032-7200

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Interview with Phoenix Animal Save


Phoenix Animal Save is a new organization here in the valley – a welcome addition. A branch of the international Save Movement, they recently held their first vigil in Tolleson, Arizona at a dairy operation.


PALS interviewed Phoenix Animal Save organizers Melanie and Matt to gain insight into their mission. They answered some of our questions below:

1. Can you tell us about why it’s important to bear witness?

Matt: Bearing witness is such a powerful experience. For us, it provides vital context to the decisions that we make every day, not only as activists but as human beings in general. For the animals, it’s an opportunity to show compassion and comfort to someone who may be in the last moments of their life. I recommend reading Anita Krajnc’s blog post about bearing witness for a passionate look through the lens of a veteran activist. 


2. What does Phoenix Animal Save hope to achieve?

Melanie: We hope to be an example not only to those around the vigils but to the animals as a symbol of compassion. The movement is peaceful as a whole. We want to be the illustration of solicitude to the animals. This will give off a positive impression for more to learn of the movement in hopes they will join.


3. How was your first vigil? Any highlights?

Matt: Our first vigil was a huge success! We had such an amazing turnout thanks to our friends from The Save Movement, PETA, and PALS! Sometimes new Save groups will go months with only 2 or 3 people showing up and we had around 30 people come out for our first vigil at the Dairy in Tolleson. We really cannot thank everyone enough! Highlights? I’d say that having the opportunity to talk to the owner of the Dairy was a huge moment. He came out after we had been there for about an hour and a small group of us had a civil discussion with him for a while before he went on with his day. Also, while Melanie and I were packing-up he approached us again and we were able to chat with him as organizers for about a half hour about The Save Movement and why we do what we do. We also managed to learn more about his operation (which “processes” over 2400 cows at any given time) which was useful for us going forward. Overall it was a really positive experience and certainly a successful vigil for both the animals and for The Save Movement as a whole.


4. What are your plans moving forward?

Melanie: Phoenix Animal Save’s future will be filled with more vigils all over the valley. We don’t want anyone to forget about us. We want more and more people to learn of the Save Movement. We are finding new information on locations often and plan to bear witness wherever possible.


Thank you Phoenix Animal Save for your important work, and for taking the time to chat with us! We really respect and support what you’re doing, and are looking forward to more vigils.

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Tabling at ASU’s Local To Global Justice Forum


Last weekend PALS tabled at ASU’s Local to Global Justice Forum and Festival. It was a great venue to meet people interested in social justice issues.


This is a yearly event at ASU that is free and open to the public. There were speakers, panels, workshops, and free vegan lunch from the vegan restaurant Green. Many community organizations were tabling and we had an opportunity to make some great connections.


This year’s theme was Community Justice: Alliances for Action. We asked people the question, “Are animals victims of systemic oppression?” and showed some parallels between human and animal oppression with our display of books, videos, and educational materials.




We made these origami leaflets with interesting facts about pigs inside.


Recommended reading! The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams, Animal Liberation by Peter Singer, and The Dreaded Comparison by Marjorie Spiegel. These books help to show how all oppressions are built on the same foundations.


We were all treated to a delicious vegan lunch from Green!


Thank you to those who volunteered their time, especially this adorable puppy Amy!

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PRCA Helzapoppin Rodeo Protest


Last weekend PALS hosted two rodeo protests at the yearly PRCA Helzapoppin Rodeo in Buckeye, a showcase of cruelty to animals.



We had some hardships, but nothing compared to that of the animals. It began even before the day of the protest. The City of Buckeye told us that because our protest was on unpaved land, we needed a permit to protest. In addition to a “traffic plan” this permit required proof of insurance, and a hefty fee of $160. We were shocked.

planIn our years of organizing protests we have never had this issue. We didn’t give in to their requirements, which we considered unnecessary and ridiculous. As a grassroots organization we have a First Amendment right to peaceably assemble on public land. After some back and forth discussion with officials at the City of Buckeye, we ended up only needing to get a traffic plan approved.



Other challenges faced us on the days of the protests. On both days, it was cold and rainy. For many of us it was our first time protesting in the rain. Activists prepared by using waterproof (styrofoam/plastic) posters, vinyl banners, framed signs, clear plastic over their posters, and of course umbrellas.



Owners of the business we were lined up in front of came out on both days to confront us. They displayed their immaturity with drunken chanting and topped it off by throwing a ball at us from behind, even though there were several children at the demonstration. Luckily no one was hit.



Although it was rainy, parking was far away, and we were treated with hostility, activists remained motivated and positive. If anything, the hardships strengthened our resolve.



We knew that we were doing the right thing by speaking up for animals abused in the rodeo, whose hardships were so much worse than ours.



We were honored to stand with such dedicated activists. Thank you so much to all who attended!

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First Fridays Earthlings Experience Demo


Activists teamed up at First Fridays art walk to present the Earthlings Experience to passersby. We used tablets and laptops to show the Earthlings documentary exposing the truth behind animal agriculture. Hundreds of people witnessed the animal cruelty and many stopped to ask questions.


By wearing masks, we invited the public to watch the film without feeling watched themselves. This helped to put the focus on the video, not the activists.


A volunteer with Mercy for Animals joined us to leaflet and engage people in conversation. Many people passing by thanked us and told us they were vegetarian or vegan already. Some even wanted to join us for future demos. The demo was a success and we plan to attend future First Friday events.


Special shout out to Malia, who organized this event. She even hand made these heart-shaped flyers to give out! Malia is now our official First Fridays organizer, and we are thrilled to have her on our team. Thank you to everyone who came out to stand for the animals!

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JBS Slaughterhouse Vigils with the Save Movement


PALS joined the Save Movement for two back-to-back JBS slaughterhouse vigils over the weekend. Activists from Canada’s Toronto Pig Save were in town for the Arizona Vegetarian Festival in hopes of starting a Save group in Phoenix.


We joined forces with them for a candlelight vigil in the evening followed by a protest the following morning where we stopped trucks full of cows.





We approached the trucks to bear witness and try to comfort the cows on their way to slaughter. The animals were scared and standing in their own feces. Although they were afraid and frantic, they were gentle and curious.

Some cows even approached us as we put our hands through the holes in the trucks. They looked us in the eyes as we apologized and told them we love them. It was a very sobering and emotional experience that we will never forget.


After stopping two trucks JBS officials called the police, who informed us that if we stop another truck on their property we will be cited. It was great meeting and working with the Save organizers. We thank them and everyone who came out to these demonstrations!



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