Dolphinaris Protest


PALS members attended this month’s Dolphinaris protest on Saturday, November 19th. Again, there were dozens of activists there, holding signs and banners, chanting, and giving pamphlets to passers-by.


We brought our inflatable dolphin Echo with us, who had been signed by over 100 people against dolphin captivity. Those people weren’t at the protest, but their support was. We spoke with some protesters about other upcoming events and learned that there will be a Dolphinaris protest in December as well (the date is TBA).



Upon leaving the protest, a security guard approached us. He shouted out to us, “What’s your porpoise?” and we told him, “It’s not a porpoise, it’s a dolphin.” When he got a little closer he said, “No, I said, what’s your purpose?” We all laughed!

We spoke with him about the ethics of marine mammal captivity. At first he said he wasn’t opposed to it, if the animals were raised in captivity. But after a few moments of conversation, he realized that it’s wrong to imprison innocent animals just to profit off of them. He even compared it to human slavery, and this was an older black gentleman talking. I thanked him for having an open mind and thinking critically about the issue. He thanked us as well and we shook hands.


We wanted to tell this story because it’s a good example of how protests are a wonderful springboard for conversation. It can be with the protest audience or passers-by, people on social media who see photos of the event, or friends and family who you talk to about what you’ve been up to. Never underestimate the power of your words. They have the potential to open hearts and minds.
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