Puppy Mill Protest at Paradise Valley Mall


PALS joined Puppy Mill Free Arizona outside of Paradise Valley Mall Sunday, December 4th in protest of Puppies ‘N Love, a greedy and unethical pet store that buys dogs from puppy mills and sells them to an unsuspecting public under the guise of “love.”


In 2013 the city of Phoenix banned the sale of dogs from puppy mills (Tempe followed suit in 2016). The purpose of the ban was to curb cruel puppy mills and to encourage the adoption of homeless animals in shelters so that the number that are euthanized each year decreases. In 2014 the owners of Puppies ‘N Love, the Mineo family, filed suit against the city of Phoenix. U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell upheld the ban.


However, this victory for dogs was short lived as lobbyists convinced Arizona legislators to overturn the law earlier this year. In May, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation to kill the ability of cities to keep pet stores from selling commercially bred animals.


This new law requires pet stores obtain animals from breeders that comply with USDA standards – but these standards are a joke. Dogs may be kept in cages around the clock that are only six inches larger than themselves. The cages may be stacked three high and only need to be cleaned once a week.


We are now back in the streets and online spreading awareness and protesting the pet stores that sell bred and exploited dogs from puppy factories. Please consider joining the cause and remember, don’t shop, adopt!

Puppy Mill Free Arizona organizes protests against Puppies ‘N Love and its affiliate Animal Kingdom every weekend. This was our first time joining them and we look forward to uniting forces again in the near future.


Learn more about puppy mills and visit Puppy Mill Free Arizona to keep up to date with news and events.

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