Puppy Mill Protest


PALS members joined Puppy Mill Free AZ for another protest outside of Paradise Valley Mall last weekend. We had 13 protesters and one lovable adoptable dog, Mr. Houdini.


We had a lot of visibility, with 3-4 protesters stationed on all four corners of the busy intersection. Many people honked in support, gave us thumbs up, and thanked us for helping to spread awareness. One passer-by on a bike even stopped to donate to the cause. It was great to see that the community supports this issue.


We spoke with other activists there about our upcoming slaughterhouse protest, and about activism in general. One older gentleman named Byron, who is heavily involved with animal rescues, told us that it was his first time at a puppy mill protest, but his protesting days go back to the Vietnam War. He said he’ll definitely be coming out to the puppy mill protests more, and we look forward to seeing him again.


A couple of fellow vegans who we met at the potluck, Percy and Nathan, were there as well. We talked with them about PALS and they may be joining us for our first protest.


After the protest they went into the mall to raise awareness in front of Puppies N Love with their sign – “For every buy, a shelter dog dies!” Multiple people walked out of the store upon reading the sign. Great job you two!


Overall it was a great protest and we look forward to changing more hearts and minds. Thank you Puppy Mill Free AZ and everyone who came out to join!


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