JBS Slaughterhouse Protest

PALS hosted our first protest this past weekend at JBS slaughterhouse in Tolleson. We had a great turnout, over twenty activists total, and we would like to thank everyone who joined us.


It was inspiring to see compassionate souls from all parts of Phoenix – some even all the way from Tucson – join together to stand for the animals killed there.

About 2,000 cows are killed at JBS daily, many of them “spent” dairy cows. Standing outside on the sidewalk for our protest, the stench of death was palpable. It made the reality hit us hard: right behind us, innocent animals were being robbed of their lives and cut into pieces.


The good news is that we were surprised to see how much support we got. Many cars slowed down to read our signs, with several of them honking and giving thumbs up. One car pulled over to ask us questions about the issue.


Even JBS workers were curious and interested. Two of them approached us to ask questions and a discussion ensued.


We were really glad to see positive responses from the public and open minds. The times are changing, and it is on us to speed up the progress by continuing to be a voice for the animals.


For many of us, it was our first time at a slaughterhouse. Others have done similar protests before, but it never gets easier. Thank you to all who gave their time to help shine a light on the violence happening at JBS.


 This upcoming weekend the Save movement is coming to Phoenix. Activists from Toronto Pig Save are coming to the Arizona Vegetarian Festival and will be hosting a vigil at this same slaughterhouse on Sunday January 29th at 7-9pm. The following day they will have a morning vigil where they will attempt to approach the trucks bringing in animals. Please consider joining one or both of these vigils.


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One Response to JBS Slaughterhouse Protest

  1. Angelika says:

    Congratulations to PALS, good job.

    When we want to bring down a wall it is a brick at a time. A step at a time.

    The wall will crumble eventually.

    Thank you for being part of it, thanks for doing it for all of us.






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