JBS Slaughterhouse Vigils with the Save Movement


PALS joined the Save Movement for two back-to-back JBS slaughterhouse vigils over the weekend. Activists from Canada’s Toronto Pig Save were in town for the Arizona Vegetarian Festival in hopes of starting a Save group in Phoenix.


We joined forces with them for a candlelight vigil in the evening followed by a protest the following morning where we stopped trucks full of cows.





We approached the trucks to bear witness and try to comfort the cows on their way to slaughter. The animals were scared and standing in their own feces. Although they were afraid and frantic, they were gentle and curious.

Some cows even approached us as we put our hands through the holes in the trucks. They looked us in the eyes as we apologized and told them we love them. It was a very sobering and emotional experience that we will never forget.


After stopping two trucks JBS officials called the police, who informed us that if we stop another truck on their property we will be cited. It was great meeting and working with the Save organizers. We thank them and everyone who came out to these demonstrations!



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