Human Meat Tray Demo

PALS activists recently joined forces for a crowd stopping human meat tray demo on Mill Avenue in Tempe.

This graphic demo is meant to draw attention to the fate of farmed animals by simulating the body parts people purchase at the store. Our goal is to bridge a connection between the flesh on the tray and the animal who suffered and was killed.

Activists held signs and handed out leaflets that asked “What if it were you?” to engage thought provoking ideas and conversation.

A group of activists went across the street to a local diner with an outdoor patio to demonstrate with posters and a television showing slaughterhouse footage. This move made people very uncomfortable, causing several to leave.  The diner we demonstrated in front of, Steak n Shake, also didn’t get many customers while we were there.

We plan to do this demonstration again at the next First Friday’s Art Walk June 2, 2017 at 6 pm. We are teaming up with the Earthlings Experience Arizona to have more of an impact. We hope you can join!

Check out this interactive 360 shot of the demo!

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One Response to Human Meat Tray Demo

  1. I can see myself standing there with you, thank you for pioneering consciousness, because of you guys change will happen. Maybe slow but it will!
    Thank you again and again for your good work.


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