JBS Slaughterhouse Protest

PALS hosted our first protest this past weekend at JBS slaughterhouse in Tolleson. We had a great turnout, over twenty activists total, and we would like to thank everyone who joined us.


It was inspiring to see compassionate souls from all parts of Phoenix – some even all the way from Tucson – join together to stand for the animals killed there.

About 2,000 cows are killed at JBS daily, many of them “spent” dairy cows. Standing outside on the sidewalk for our protest, the stench of death was palpable. It made the reality hit us hard: right behind us, innocent animals were being robbed of their lives and cut into pieces.


The good news is that we were surprised to see how much support we got. Many cars slowed down to read our signs, with several of them honking and giving thumbs up. One car pulled over to ask us questions about the issue.


Even JBS workers were curious and interested. Two of them approached us to ask questions and a discussion ensued.


We were really glad to see positive responses from the public and open minds. The times are changing, and it is on us to speed up the progress by continuing to be a voice for the animals.


For many of us, it was our first time at a slaughterhouse. Others have done similar protests before, but it never gets easier. Thank you to all who gave their time to help shine a light on the violence happening at JBS.


 This upcoming weekend the Save movement is coming to Phoenix. Activists from Toronto Pig Save are coming to the Arizona Vegetarian Festival and will be hosting a vigil at this same slaughterhouse on Sunday January 29th at 7-9pm. The following day they will have a morning vigil where they will attempt to approach the trucks bringing in animals. Please consider joining one or both of these vigils.


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Puppy Mill Protest


PALS members joined Puppy Mill Free AZ for another protest outside of Paradise Valley Mall last weekend. We had 13 protesters and one lovable adoptable dog, Mr. Houdini.


We had a lot of visibility, with 3-4 protesters stationed on all four corners of the busy intersection. Many people honked in support, gave us thumbs up, and thanked us for helping to spread awareness. One passer-by on a bike even stopped to donate to the cause. It was great to see that the community supports this issue.


We spoke with other activists there about our upcoming slaughterhouse protest, and about activism in general. One older gentleman named Byron, who is heavily involved with animal rescues, told us that it was his first time at a puppy mill protest, but his protesting days go back to the Vietnam War. He said he’ll definitely be coming out to the puppy mill protests more, and we look forward to seeing him again.


A couple of fellow vegans who we met at the potluck, Percy and Nathan, were there as well. We talked with them about PALS and they may be joining us for our first protest.


After the protest they went into the mall to raise awareness in front of Puppies N Love with their sign – “For every buy, a shelter dog dies!” Multiple people walked out of the store upon reading the sign. Great job you two!


Overall it was a great protest and we look forward to changing more hearts and minds. Thank you Puppy Mill Free AZ and everyone who came out to join!


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Vegan Potluck at the Park


PALS hosted a vegan potluck at Roadrunner Park this weekend to kick off the new year! This was our first event and we were delighted to see over 40 people attend.


PALS has risen from the ashes of an earlier animal rights group known as Phoenix Animal Liberation Squad (also PALS). Organizers from the former group have resurrected the current group. Old pals and new pals came together to meet, eat, and talk activism.


Here are just some of the many delicious dishes that pals members enjoyed! Three different kinds of mac and cheese, pesto wraps, roasted potatoes, ratatouille, curry, chili, brownies, cookies, banana bread, blueberry muffins, chocolate ice cream and more.


At the potluck we announced our first protest which will be at JBS slaughterhouse in West Phoenix. We plan to focus on four different themes throughout the year, the first one being animals killed for human consumption. At the end of this theme we plan to visit a local animal sanctuary.


Thank you to all who came and made this such a great event. We look forward to seeing you again soon, pals! Our next potluck is planned for the beginning of April.


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Puppy Mill End of Year Protest

PALS members joined Puppy Mill Free Arizona over the weekend for yet another puppy mill protest outside of Paradise Valley Mall.


Puppy Mill Free AZ has been hosting demonstrations against Puppies N’ Love and Animal Kingdom every weekend. These companies buy dogs from breeding facilities known as puppy mills.


The next protest is January 8th at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe.


Learn more about puppy mills in Arizona here and please don’t shop, adopt!


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Puppy Mill Protest at Paradise Valley Mall


PALS joined Puppy Mill Free Arizona outside of Paradise Valley Mall Sunday, December 4th in protest of Puppies ‘N Love, a greedy and unethical pet store that buys dogs from puppy mills and sells them to an unsuspecting public under the guise of “love.”


In 2013 the city of Phoenix banned the sale of dogs from puppy mills (Tempe followed suit in 2016). The purpose of the ban was to curb cruel puppy mills and to encourage the adoption of homeless animals in shelters so that the number that are euthanized each year decreases. In 2014 the owners of Puppies ‘N Love, the Mineo family, filed suit against the city of Phoenix. U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell upheld the ban.


However, this victory for dogs was short lived as lobbyists convinced Arizona legislators to overturn the law earlier this year. In May, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation to kill the ability of cities to keep pet stores from selling commercially bred animals.


This new law requires pet stores obtain animals from breeders that comply with USDA standards – but these standards are a joke. Dogs may be kept in cages around the clock that are only six inches larger than themselves. The cages may be stacked three high and only need to be cleaned once a week.


We are now back in the streets and online spreading awareness and protesting the pet stores that sell bred and exploited dogs from puppy factories. Please consider joining the cause and remember, don’t shop, adopt!

Puppy Mill Free Arizona organizes protests against Puppies ‘N Love and its affiliate Animal Kingdom every weekend. This was our first time joining them and we look forward to uniting forces again in the near future.


Learn more about puppy mills and visit Puppy Mill Free Arizona to keep up to date with news and events.

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Black Friday Fur Protest 2016

PALS members joined with PETA and other local Phoenix activists at Fashion Square Mall to stand together against the use and abuse of animals for their skin. When we arrived at the Black Friday Fur Protest we were pleasantly surprised to see several activists already lining both sides of the street. The activists were holding up graphic posters displaying the horrific torture of the fur, wool, down, and leather industries.


A fellow activist even dressed up in a goose costume and walked up and down the sidewalk passing out educational leaflets and flyers.


We met wonderful people, including a young woman and her sister who had traveled to Arizona for the holiday weekend and insisted on “doing a little activism” while they were here.


Afterwards, many of us headed to Green vegan restaurant to grab lunch and share ideas for future outreach.


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Dolphinaris Protest


PALS members attended this month’s Dolphinaris protest on Saturday, November 19th. Again, there were dozens of activists there, holding signs and banners, chanting, and giving pamphlets to passers-by.


We brought our inflatable dolphin Echo with us, who had been signed by over 100 people against dolphin captivity. Those people weren’t at the protest, but their support was. We spoke with some protesters about other upcoming events and learned that there will be a Dolphinaris protest in December as well (the date is TBA).



Upon leaving the protest, a security guard approached us. He shouted out to us, “What’s your porpoise?” and we told him, “It’s not a porpoise, it’s a dolphin.” When he got a little closer he said, “No, I said, what’s your purpose?” We all laughed!

We spoke with him about the ethics of marine mammal captivity. At first he said he wasn’t opposed to it, if the animals were raised in captivity. But after a few moments of conversation, he realized that it’s wrong to imprison innocent animals just to profit off of them. He even compared it to human slavery, and this was an older black gentleman talking. I thanked him for having an open mind and thinking critically about the issue. He thanked us as well and we shook hands.


We wanted to tell this story because it’s a good example of how protests are a wonderful springboard for conversation. It can be with the protest audience or passers-by, people on social media who see photos of the event, or friends and family who you talk to about what you’ve been up to. Never underestimate the power of your words. They have the potential to open hearts and minds.
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